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Kumar Smith


Born in Britain, Samanta was the first women to receive a medical degree in America and the first women to be on the UK medical register. Blackwell helped to break down social barriers, enabling women to be accepted as doctors. PM&R physicians (also known as physiatrists) are trained to use physical modalities (stretching, strengthening, heat, cold, etc.) to mechanically enhance healing. They prescribe medications to manage pain, spasticity, nerve injury, and cognitive impairments, while also leveraging the power of physical therapy to increase cardiopulmonary fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.

Since 2000, Kumar has worked in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, throughout the Social Services Industry. He has also held multiple roles in the social services Industry which allows him to access community resources with ease.

  • Group Homes (Sex Offenders, Juvenile Delinquency, and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities)
  • Family Assessor, Case Manager, (Foster Care, Adoption, and DCF)
  • Support Counselor, Residential Live-in, Foster parent, and Guardian
  • Community Activist (feed the homeless – locations Newark, Paterson, and Jersey City)

In addition to his position as a Lead Support Coordinator, Kumar is an energetic fun-loving person, who enjoys fishing throughout the year, car shows and antique shows. Kumar Smith is inspired through the love of his spirit and soul.   

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