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High Skilled

Our Team

Our team of dedicated individuals who are highly experienced and trained to work in our various programs to provide quality support that each participant need to achieve the desired outcome. Training is available upon hire and throughout the duration of employment with us.Team work is valued and recognized. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and services that meet the needs of individuals and families experiencing a cognitive, emotional and/or physical disability, offering solutions that advance, empowers, and educates. We work with individuals of all ages to provide an array of services that promote choice, personal development,and personal growth. We create solutions with you that will help you realize your goals and your dreams.

Our History

Our organization has been created with over twenty years of experience in the field of social services and mental health. We help create solutions with you to aid in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. 


Our Team

Kumar Smith

Working since 2000

Laura Fisher

Lead Support Coordinator
Working Since 2015

Renee Vala

Lead Support Coordinator

Aria Karimi

Lead Support Coordinator
Working Since 2017